Saturday, October 10, 2009

DLR, Reggae, and Dubstep

The past few months I have been thinking long and hard about how trite lame and commercial the dance scene has become. I know it became that longer ago than a few months but give me a break, I live in Kentucky! :)

I needed a place where I felt like the community still gave a damn about people other than themselves and where it actually felt like the people cared about music!

Here are some videos from parties all over the world that are pretty good examples of why the Dubstep and DLR(digital laptop reggae)communities are making all those massive bloghouse and basically american electronic music and deejays look like a complete waste of time.

If you dont care: good for you! But I hope you have something that excites you, as music as music does me!

This video is from a launch party for "The Outlook Festival" that is held in Croatia every year.

The next video is the artist Skream, live in Vancouver for the first time everrrrr...
(sorry for the lame commercial at the beginning :P)

This last one is really the only decent video I could find of a Jahtari party.

Now for some songs...
Mungo's Hi-Fi - Did You Really Know (feat. Soom T)

PupaJim - You Are Addict... Television Addict


Maffi and Hopeton Lindo - Rude Boy

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