Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From the "Are You Kidding Me?" Dept

I waste alot of time on the internetttzzz just like anyone else and usually feel useless because of the amount of time spent. Until today! The grand puba of all websites in my eyes has just appeared before me as if from dreamland! Ladies......Gentleman.....Cretins.....Everyone!

I present to you!

I found this album on a blog called Way Out Junk and here is what they had to say about it:

This was one of those albums that I had wanted for quite a while. I had heard songs from it, but never owned it. I was finally able to snag one and thought I'd pass it along to you. This was released in 1993 but was recorded a few years before that because it's Jim Henson voicing Rowlf. This album contains a number of songs that were previously performed on "The Muppet Show"; some originally by Rowlf and some by others. It's a fun variety of songs and, as always, I hope you like it!

Here's the track list:

1. Lydia the Tattooed Lady

2. Eight Little Notes

3. I Never Harmed an Onion

4. Halfway Down the Stairs

5. Memory Lane

6. Cottleston Pie

7. Bein' Green

8. Carbon Paper

9. Garden Song

10. New York State of Mind

11. When

12. You and I and George

13. Wishing Song

14. Old Dog Trey


Way Out Junk presents odd collector records and just purely strange stuff that the creator digs out of bins of crappy records! I particulary find it amazing because I love the same records and make it a point to buy the same insanely stupid pieces of vinyl and even sell many of them on my etsy site and overall cannot get enough of!
So here is a big thank you to Way Out Junk and much love!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Glass Candy!


“Our world, our lives, our bodies, they are constantly changing. But there’s a rhythm that runs through it all,” Glass Candy’s latest album begins, “And that’s where we’ll find our true selves. We live in a universe of transformation, but the heavenly beat is a constant.”

GLASS CANDY has been around for awhile but in just the last few years has taken on this disco/punk sound. They were formed by Ida No, from Vancouver, and Johnny Jewel, from Austin, in 1996. No describes their early work as "droney and weird." Their first two singles were self-released under the name "Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre". The first song I heard in their new "haunted disco" sound was Digital Versicolor, check out the video here:

Ida No's vocals have been likened to Nico and "a frightened Debbie Harry or a pissed-off Lene Lovich in a haunted disco". Their work as of 2008 borrows from Italo disco, freestyle music, Krautrock, hip-hop, and new wave. Johnny Jewel has cited Marilyn Monroe films, 1980s cop show soundtracks, Goblin, and John Carpenter soundtracks as inspirational. All music tracks are produced by basic analog equipment, without the use of computers.

Here's some tracks to enjoy!





Last night a DJ saved my life has never been more true in this instance....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Does This Freak You Out?

Cuz it sure as hell does me?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Had To Jump On This!!

Last week Pitchfork posted an article on the craze that is these lego recreations of albums covers. It has its own Flickr Group and Formatmag.com did an article on Top 20 Classic Hip Hop Covers Redone In Lego! I will save you the trouble and post the best ones right here. As always, I will be youre one stop shop for tightness! Enjoy!

De La Soul - "Three Feet High and Rising"

Dr. Dre - "The Chronic"

Nas - "Stillmatic"

Wyclef Jean - "The Carnival"

The Smiths - "Meat is Murder"

Belle and Sebastian "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant"

The Strokes "Is This It"

White Stripes - "White Blood Cells"

Nirvana - "Nevermind"

Bruce Springsteen - "Born in the USA"


Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers"

That should do for now! IF anyone has found anymore than this that are great I would love to see em! Send me and email or post them in the comments! Over and out!

Peeps: Four

Monday, December 15, 2008

Peeps: One

Here is the first in my series of Peeps. I have been doing these for a few years and recently decided to scan them in and colorize them digitally. There are MANY more to come! I would love to hear any comments on them!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey Kids Remember: M.U.S.C.L.E MEN!!

MUSCLE MEN were one of my favorite things in the world when I was a kid. They held a close third place to He-Man: Master of the Universe and M.A.S.K(what was with all of the anagrams in the eighties?)

(this one was one of my favorites, his name is Cubix)

Anyway, recently we went to a bazaar at this church down the street, and despite what everyone that was with me will tell you, there was an entire room devoted to my childhood. The reason they think I am crazy is because rather than just claim that I had these toys when I was a kid, I was convinced that some of these toys were my actual toys and at one time belonged to me. Some of them had the damage that I inflicted once upon a time and the collection was soooooo similar to mine that they had to be the same! (well maybe not) But a boy can dream can't he?

So, MUSCLE MEN, here is what wikipedia has to say:

(oooh i want that hand one)

M.U.S.C.L.E., (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere), was a toyline of 2-inch tall monochromatic PVC gum wrestling figures produced in the United States from 1985 to 1988. The story involved intergalactic wrestlers fighting for supremacy of the universe. The toy line itself was straight forward and collectors continue to make the line a viable hobby. The US line included 236 official figures, a boardgame, an NES game entitled M.U.S.C.L.E., a championship belt figure holder, and a wrestling ring playset. The figures were distributed in clear, blister-packed random 4-packs, semiopaque garbage can 10-packs, and boxed fixed sculpt 28 packs.

The first shipment of figures were all a 'bubble-gum pink' color the collecting community calls 'flesh.' The second shipment was a half-and-half mixture of flesh and either dark blue, red, or purple figures. The third shipment contained no flesh figures, only dark blue, red, purple, magenta, salmon, lime green, neon orange, and light blue. Five figures came with the boardgame in an exclusive Grape or Light Purple color.


So I purchased this huge bag of these for only a dime at this "bizarre bazaar" and just the other day decided to look these guys up on ebay!! Wowzas!! People of my generation are insane! These things are going for crazy amounts of money(and in a recession, no less) I saw one lot of like 120 of them going for close to $250! $250 for these things that I used to get for 25 cents at Winn Dixie? And Im no even tryna act like that was ages ago, with some superb math(thanks WKU!) It was like 18 years ago! Thats not healthy, my friends!

Lets create a scenario: A kid gets a really nice job, some job he has seen commercials for and thinks it will be a cool job, lets just say its at Sonic: America's Drive-in and he works really hard making onion rings. And then every Friday when he gets paid he runs to Winn Dixie and spends all his money on MUSCLE MEN, what kinda life is that? WHo would spend all of their savings from the summer on STAR WARS TOYS....er ummm....MUSCLE MEN? This is insanity!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morgan Blair

I found Morgan Blair on the reader art section of Juxtapoz's website. The art really speaks for itself:

ARTIST: Morgan Blair
CONTACT: www.morganblair.com

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis is one of my favorite songwriters right now. He has a way of delivering lyrics that seems to talk right to whoever is listening. I cant figure out if he is in on the joke or if he made the joke but I love everything I have heard by him! He has this really strange delivery of talk/singing that is not for everyone but if you dont like his singing you will at least love how witty his lyrics are and what an amazing imagination he has! On top of all of this he also does some ridiculous comics and illustration. Heres some new stuff!!

Jeffrey Lewis - Together We Form Jeff

Jeffrey Lewis - Flippity Floppity

Jeffrey Lewis - Posters

Jeffrey Lewis - Don’t Let the Record Label Take You Out to Lunch

Jeffrey Lewis - Don't Be Upset

Jeffrey Lewis - Punk Is Dead

Now that you have all of this for free! Go buy some stuff you friggin cheapskate! Here:
Jeffs Myspace
Jeffs Main Site

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do all of these blogs look the same?

Although I am an artist, I am far too lazy to take the time to sift through code to personalize my own blog. I dont know why but I just do not care what color scheme my blog is or that it looks like everyone else's blog that was too lazy to look further than the second option on this here thing. So if my blog looks like every other thirteen year olds blog than I will live with it and you should too!!!

i love each and everyone of you!

art soon!