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Film in the Blanks > Anything


The guys over at FIlm in the Blanks have a very minimal view of life. This blog was created for artists to create and share "blanked out" versions of their favorite films and subsequently sell them! Series one is available now and will include some of the posters I have included here.

Now the fun of the blog is guessing the posters so I wont list the actual movies that the posters are for until we reach the bottom! Happy Hunting!!















1.Forbidden Planet
2.Dawn of the Dead
4.Forrest Gump
5.Rosemary's Baby
6.Order of Chaos
7.Jurassic Park
9.Clockwork Orange
10.The Shining

Did you get them all? Post a comment and let me know how many you got right!! And make sure to visit the Film in the Blanks Blog for more guessing!! Have a good day!!

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(goober in pic may have had too many Ozujsko pivos!)

Last summer me and my wife had the luxury to be able to take to Europe like a 1st grader with a sharpie! And one of the most fascinating lands we came across was Croatia! I would have never expected such a vast landscape and beautiful coastline from such an area that was war-torn so recently. And although, it has been 10+ years since their war I was stunned by how developed everything was and still how cheap everything was at the same time. You must go there before the hoards of American tourists figure it out(which will be soon!)

While in Dubrovnik, I caught the Croatia Records 25th Anniversary special on television. This was more or less a showcase of the labels new artists performing songs by the artists of the past. Some of them were terrible, really alot of them were terrible but then the band Azra popped up!

I was just about to say how I thought they sounded like a Croatia version of the Clash when a pic of the Clash appeared on the screen and I could only assume that they were talking about the influence that the Clash had on them!

Azra was formed in 1977 by its frontman Branimir "Johnny" Štulić. He was (and is) a kind of urban legend; he would show up in different places of the city, singing with his guitar - that is what made him famous before Azra even recorded an album. Other two members were Mišo Hrnjak (bass) and Boris Leiner (drums). They named the Band after a verse "Ja se zovem El Muhamed/Iz plemena starih Azra/Što za ljubav život gube/I umiru kada ljube!" (trans. "My name is El Muhamed/From the tribe of the old Azra/That lose their lives for love/And die when they kiss!") from a sevdalinka "Kraj tanahna šadrvana" ("Azra" here being a reference to a shortened versione of "Azera" or "Azeris", rather than a popular Bosnian name "Azra", as commonly thought). They are considered to be one of the most influential bands from the former Yugoslav New Wave rock era and the Yugoslav Rock scene in general.

They released their first single in 1979 with songs "Balkan" and "A šta da radim". The first album named "Azra" and published in 1980 achieved commercial success and popularized Azra in former Yugoslavia. Azra recorded its last studio album "Izmedju krajnosti" (Between the extremes) in 1987. In 1988 the band recorded 4LP live album under the name Zadovoljština (Satisfaction), after which Štulić disbanded the band. He is often at lengths with his past as he lives a secluded life and is often the target of reporters seeking an interview, which he is reluctant to give. Štulić recorded three more albums since moving to Houten, Netherlands, where he currently lives. A 2003 rock documentary, Sretno dijete (Lucky Child, the title of a Prljavo kazalište song) depicts Azra as the locus of the rock scene in the former Yugoslavia during the 1980s, along with the influential Bijelo dugme. Even until today, Azra has remained very popular among youth in the countries of former Yugoslavia, unlike many other new wave bands which are now considered, more or less, historical examples.(thanks wikipedia! couldnt have said it better myself)

The "S/T" record is by far my favorite although I will admit I havent gotten too far into their catalog! I would say any of the first 3 would be a good place to start then it up the "Ploče Singles 1979-1982"

Since they are not so well known around the world I havent been able to include any mp3s but below are some fine videos from youtube that demonstrate Azra to the fullest! Enjoy! (The song "Iggy Pop" is also in my player)

(terrible quality but my favorite song, give it a minute if you dont like the intro!)

"Jablan"(a little Television influence, maybe?)

"Balkan" live!

"Uradi Nesto"

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Bottled Lightning Coming Soon!!

The Ugly Baseball Card Blog is sweeter than Aunt Bea's Pie!

shout out to Jeff Excell and his CITA NAPS BLOGfor the heads up

Fine cuts:

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Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography has always stunned me. Maybe its the glimpse into the way our world moves or maybe its the pretty colors(sic). Either way, these examples that have been gathered from flickr accounts by Digital Photography School are some beautiful accounts of what a little patience can bring to you, maybe something more people should think about from time to time.(click on the images to get a real feel for em!)

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Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) Soundtrack by John Carpenter

(sorry for the lame slideshow, but we are focusing on the music here kids!)

I have had a sticker for this soundtrack on my guitar case for years and finally decided to see what all the fuss was about! WOAH!!! Here is what Wikipedia had to say:

One of the film's features is its score, composed and recorded by director John Carpenter. The combination of synthesizer hooks, electronic drones and drum machines set it apart from many other scores of the period and created a distinct style of minimalist electronic soundtrack for which Carpenter, and his films, would become associated. The score consists of two main themes: the main title theme, with its familiar synthesizer melody, and a slower more contemplative theme used in the film's more subdued scenes. Besides these two themes the soundtrack also features a series of ominous drones and primal drum patterns which often represented the anonymous gang gathering in the shadows.

The main theme was partially inspired by Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.

Beyond its use in the film, the score is often cited as an influence on various electronic and hip hop artists with its main title theme being sampled by artists including Afrika Bambaataa, I-F, Dead Prez and Bomb the Bass, whose song "Megablast" featured a sample of the score and was used in the soundtrack to the video game Xenon 2 Megablast. A new cover of the theme called "Precinct 13" was released by Tape Recording Club in November 2006.[citation needed] UK punk band The Exploited also utilized the main theme as a bass riff in the song "Don't Blame Me", which appears on their 1996 album Beat the Bastards.

Despite this influence, except for a few compilation appearances, the film's score remained available only in bootleg form until 2003 when it was given an official release through the French label, Record Makers

p.s. I got my man John Carpenter to autograph my VHS version of this film when he did a signing in Bowling Green around 1999! Woo ha Woo ha, got y all in check!

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StSanders Shreds Series

Kiss Shreds

StSanders is a god among men in the comedic world of Youtube videos! Who is this masked marvel that drops these incredibly complicated and well put together riffs on modern musicians(pun intended mofo)? Where does he come from? How does he do it? Why do I have the time to sift through all of these? Anyway, its a labor of love and you will reap all of the benefits! Shout out to J-man Estes for headin me up on these! I have laughed my ass off all weekend and I hope you will too!!

Eddie Van Halen Shreds

Eric Clapton Shreds

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Uproot Andy

Uproot Andy is Andy Gillis, a Brooklyn beat maker and producer that is making huuuge tsunami style waves in the international music ring right now with his ridiculous mix of Afro-Colombian beats. The "Rootless Killer" just released a mixtape called "Guacharaca Migration" that lays out all the big names like a role call in 5th grade gym class! Ontop of this release he was also one side of the 4th part in the Bersa Discos collective releases. Which provides, I think, some of his finest work to date! Below is a link to his entire mixtape and a few other choice tracks I have found in the depths of the internet! Download them all, they WILL NOT dissappoint!!

Andy also hosts a whole slew of specialty nights around Brooklyn and NYC every week, "Que Bajo" being the largest. Not to mention his involvment with the Dutty Artz Collective

If youre ever in the neighborhood stop by and witness this event. Im sure I will someday!

Download Mixtape


1. Guacharaca Migration Intro
2. Crime Mob - Knuck if you Buck (Uproot Andy Remix)
3. Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)
4. Rupee - Mas Hysteria
5. Petrona Martinez - La Vida Vale La Pena (Uproot Andy Remix)
6. Noite e Dia Ft. Puto Prata vs Quantic - Mana Dança Só (Uproot Andy Remix)
7. DJ Q & MC Bonez - Get Mad
8. Forty Thieves Orkestar - Belboeli (Uproot Andy Remix)
9. 77 Klash Ft. Johnny Osbourne - Mad Again
10. Smal - Chega De Roubo
11. Ricky Blaze - Cut Dem Off Remix ft. Tony Matterhorn & Elephant Man
12. Tes La Rok - Lickshot
13. Sunship Ft. Warrior Queen - Quits (Sinden Remix)
14. Gaiteros de San Jacinto - La Camisola (Uproot Andy Remix)
15. Wes Fif - Haterz Everywhere (Nappy vs Skream Thugstep mix)
16. Omega - Tu No Ta Pa Mi
17. Grupo Naidy - El Botellón (Uproot Andy Remix)
18. Mr. Catra & Beto da Caixa - Aba Roedor
19. Chino - How Dem No Want No Gyal
20. Tego Calderon - Trangalanga
21. Mr. Vegas - Raging Bull
22. Jahdan Blakkamoore - Go Round Payola
23. Prince Nico Mbarga - Aki Special (Uproot Andy Remix)

"The mix is called Guacharaca Migration. He told me that the instrument Guacharaca (what you here as a main percussive instrument in Cumbia/Vallenato) was named after a bird in Colombia and made to sound like the bird's call. The title is great (animals to instruments to computers)"- Ghetto Bassquake

More tunezzz:

Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)-Albarosie>

Aki Special-Uproot Andy Remix>

Uproot Andy - El Botellon

Brooklyn Cumbia(ODB vs. Uproot Andy)

Uproot Andy & Petrona Martinez - La Vida Vale La Pena

Here are some upcoming dates in the NYC area!

Mar 12 2009 Que Bajo Manhattan Edition @ APT Manhattan, New York
Mar 27 2009 NY Tropical @ Glasslands Brooklyn, New York
check out his Myspace if you need directions or other info!

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Whats The Deal?

Is mainstream advertising making a comeback? Is it possible that good art sold out?
Check out some of these recent examples of advertising gone good!

Windex ad


I dont know when this WIndows ad came out but it freaks me out a little.

These Bravia ads from last year are some of the most stunning commercials I have ever seen:

Ill let ya know when McDonalds makes a good ad and we can all go jump off the Singing Bridge together! :)

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MONSTER FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc Damicis is an artist in the Philadelphia area. He does art in all mediums usually revolving around "monsters, creatures, skulls, freaks and weird stuff". He also makes his own books and zines.

I found him through flickr where he goes by the name PickledPunk and instantly fell in love with his monster buttons above! ANd if you too have already fallen in love with them go to his Monster Art Shop on etsy and buy them all!! Here are a few more examples of the buttons!

And although they are simply genius!!! Lets not reduce my man down to his Capitalist ventures. He does sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc... And they are equally as amazing! Have a look-see!!

Weird Skull #2

Space Vampire

Fiji Mermaid

Voodoo Doll w/Horns

He has sooooo much stuff! I didnt know which ones to pick so check out more of Marc's stuff here and here <----hint: HE HAS COLORING BOOKS!!!!! :D

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