Friday, March 6, 2009

MONSTER FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc Damicis is an artist in the Philadelphia area. He does art in all mediums usually revolving around "monsters, creatures, skulls, freaks and weird stuff". He also makes his own books and zines.

I found him through flickr where he goes by the name PickledPunk and instantly fell in love with his monster buttons above! ANd if you too have already fallen in love with them go to his Monster Art Shop on etsy and buy them all!! Here are a few more examples of the buttons!

And although they are simply genius!!! Lets not reduce my man down to his Capitalist ventures. He does sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc... And they are equally as amazing! Have a look-see!!

Weird Skull #2

Space Vampire

Fiji Mermaid

Voodoo Doll w/Horns

He has sooooo much stuff! I didnt know which ones to pick so check out more of Marc's stuff here and here <----hint: HE HAS COLORING BOOKS!!!!! :D

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