Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uproot Andy

Uproot Andy is Andy Gillis, a Brooklyn beat maker and producer that is making huuuge tsunami style waves in the international music ring right now with his ridiculous mix of Afro-Colombian beats. The "Rootless Killer" just released a mixtape called "Guacharaca Migration" that lays out all the big names like a role call in 5th grade gym class! Ontop of this release he was also one side of the 4th part in the Bersa Discos collective releases. Which provides, I think, some of his finest work to date! Below is a link to his entire mixtape and a few other choice tracks I have found in the depths of the internet! Download them all, they WILL NOT dissappoint!!

Andy also hosts a whole slew of specialty nights around Brooklyn and NYC every week, "Que Bajo" being the largest. Not to mention his involvment with the Dutty Artz Collective

If youre ever in the neighborhood stop by and witness this event. Im sure I will someday!

Download Mixtape


1. Guacharaca Migration Intro
2. Crime Mob - Knuck if you Buck (Uproot Andy Remix)
3. Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)
4. Rupee - Mas Hysteria
5. Petrona Martinez - La Vida Vale La Pena (Uproot Andy Remix)
6. Noite e Dia Ft. Puto Prata vs Quantic - Mana Dança Só (Uproot Andy Remix)
7. DJ Q & MC Bonez - Get Mad
8. Forty Thieves Orkestar - Belboeli (Uproot Andy Remix)
9. 77 Klash Ft. Johnny Osbourne - Mad Again
10. Smal - Chega De Roubo
11. Ricky Blaze - Cut Dem Off Remix ft. Tony Matterhorn & Elephant Man
12. Tes La Rok - Lickshot
13. Sunship Ft. Warrior Queen - Quits (Sinden Remix)
14. Gaiteros de San Jacinto - La Camisola (Uproot Andy Remix)
15. Wes Fif - Haterz Everywhere (Nappy vs Skream Thugstep mix)
16. Omega - Tu No Ta Pa Mi
17. Grupo Naidy - El Botellón (Uproot Andy Remix)
18. Mr. Catra & Beto da Caixa - Aba Roedor
19. Chino - How Dem No Want No Gyal
20. Tego Calderon - Trangalanga
21. Mr. Vegas - Raging Bull
22. Jahdan Blakkamoore - Go Round Payola
23. Prince Nico Mbarga - Aki Special (Uproot Andy Remix)

"The mix is called Guacharaca Migration. He told me that the instrument Guacharaca (what you here as a main percussive instrument in Cumbia/Vallenato) was named after a bird in Colombia and made to sound like the bird's call. The title is great (animals to instruments to computers)"- Ghetto Bassquake

More tunezzz:

Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)-Albarosie>

Aki Special-Uproot Andy Remix>

Uproot Andy - El Botellon

Brooklyn Cumbia(ODB vs. Uproot Andy)

Uproot Andy & Petrona Martinez - La Vida Vale La Pena

Here are some upcoming dates in the NYC area!

Mar 12 2009 Que Bajo Manhattan Edition @ APT Manhattan, New York
Mar 27 2009 NY Tropical @ Glasslands Brooklyn, New York
check out his Myspace if you need directions or other info!

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