Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis is one of my favorite songwriters right now. He has a way of delivering lyrics that seems to talk right to whoever is listening. I cant figure out if he is in on the joke or if he made the joke but I love everything I have heard by him! He has this really strange delivery of talk/singing that is not for everyone but if you dont like his singing you will at least love how witty his lyrics are and what an amazing imagination he has! On top of all of this he also does some ridiculous comics and illustration. Heres some new stuff!!

Jeffrey Lewis - Together We Form Jeff

Jeffrey Lewis - Flippity Floppity

Jeffrey Lewis - Posters

Jeffrey Lewis - Don’t Let the Record Label Take You Out to Lunch

Jeffrey Lewis - Don't Be Upset

Jeffrey Lewis - Punk Is Dead

Now that you have all of this for free! Go buy some stuff you friggin cheapskate! Here:
Jeffs Myspace
Jeffs Main Site

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