Sunday, April 4, 2010

Culture Generator Vol.1

Its Finally here!! "Culture Generator Vol. 1" is my attempt to share great music with my community. I have compiled songs from anyone who has a connection to Frankfort, KY. Be it, they are from here, they have played here, or they are friends with me and I am from here :)

I set out to complete this a few months back but just a month or so got around to sending out the emails to friends. I sent out about 30 emails and got responses from almost everyone(and songs from about 15!) Pretty great odds!! So I am posting the .zip file here which includes all the songs, the artwork, info sheet, and instructions on how to put together your own copies(in the even that you dont get a physical copy from me!)

This was a lot of fun and I plan to do them about every 2 months so look out for the next one!!

Artists Included:

Download here:"


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