Monday, February 2, 2009

I Got My Ticket!

This is not a lottery I am willing to take my chances with peoples! I have already got my ticket now!

The folks at The Institute for Human Continuity have arranged a lottery on their webpage to insure "every human a chance at survival"!! Because you know the world is totally ending in 2012

Their catch phrase of "How Would the Governments of the World Prepare 6 Billion People For the End of the World? They Wouldnt!" really strikes home.

I have often wondered myself if our pesky government would even tell us that we ave one day to live or if they would just take their money and bore into the center of the Earth with it! The second scenario seems a bit more likely to me!

Heloooooo! I did see that episode of the Simpsons where the world ends. And they kick Ned Flanders out of the bunker! And that is the sole reason I closed my left handed store! Eff you Southpaws!!

But doesnt this all seem a but too weird? I am going to admit when I clicked on the link for the IHC, I kinda thought it was a promo for a movie or something, and Im still not sure! But got my ticket and I am going to tell my wife to get hers, honey if youre reading this go ahead and get your self one of them tickets because Im gonna need ya after the world ends! Shes the real bread winner in this family!!

So you people dont have to sign up for this(and really I would prefer if you didnt because it worsens my chances)but it is interesting, nonetheless!

And BTW...I aint splitting this with no damn waitress!!

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