Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making the Old New Again!

FFFFound has been very good to me lately. For those of you that dont know, FFFFound is an invitation based image bookmarking service(and I'm still waiting for my invitation!! ahem!) But basically allows you to look at some of the most incredible images that people have found from all over the internet!

Check it out! You dont have to be a member to look, but you do to add stuff!! Since browsing this site, I have noticed alot of movie posters old and new but something that really caught my eye was the amount of designers that are re-doing posters, and how amazing said posters are! I have gathered up quite a few, many of which are up for sale, and thought I would share them today!


I told you there were alot! They were ALL tooo amazing to leave out!

also check out Poster Cabaret

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