Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arts Roundup: Yeehaw!!

Ok I dont know why the "Yeehaw" or the old cowboy image but Ive had a little on my plate recently and I am just now getting around to sharing some of these artists with you. Rest assured, I have had time to widdle the others from the entire internet down to these amazing folks! SO just stop searching now because they are already here: Go!

Receiver Design Owns You

Snow Beast Suit?

Paper Waterfall, anyone?

If it rained like this I would move to Seattle

He figured out how to put my dreams on the wall of a gallery

Minako Abe is so good it makes my brain hurt(mouse over the title bar on this page)

These paintings by Minako Abe look to me like someone made a painting and then while scanning it in yanked it out of the scanner. Only fix that up and make it sound all artsy and stuff!

Relleno De Mono: Appropriation Brilliance!

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