Monday, May 18, 2009

DJ Nightwolf - No More Sweet Sixteens Mix

A few weeks ago I had been asked by a family member to DJ a girl's sweet sixteen party! The party was supposed to be in a hotel and be a classy event. I heard nothing for a month! Then the day before the party the family member contacted me and said "you got the p.a. and all the music???"

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I assumed this shizzz had been cancelled and thought nothing of it! Since its family and thats what I do, I went ahead and ran around like a cluck and got everything in order. I got some annoying lights and stuff as a passive aggressive maneuver and got the music in order. I scrolled through their list of requested songs and thought they were ridiculously but threw some of em in anyway!

Long story short: The party got moved to a Ruirtan club in the country, kids were still dressed fancy, the party was lame, I drank a whole bottle of Ancient Age, and made this mix from the highlights. Oddly enough, its probably one of my tighter mixes! Even if it is pretty short and not full of like 20 tracks! I dont know! Beats me! Enjoy!

DJ Nightwolf - No More Sweet Sixteens

Rhianna - Umbrella(VNDLSM remix)
Kanye West - Stronger(A-trak remix)
M.I.A. - Paper Planes( Cold Blank remix)
Veronicas - Untouched(Dangerous Muse Mix)
20 Fingers - Short Dick Man(Disco Villains remix)
David Bowie - Rebel,Rebel(Soulwax Mix)

Total Running Time: 20:25

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