Monday, January 12, 2009

Jonathan Puckey

Jonathan Puckey is a designer based in Amsterdam. He is only described on his website by the images that he has tagged on which happen to be design, programming, javascript, video, reference, webdesign, web, typography, css, music, tool, graphicdesign.....blah blah blah. I became aware of Jonathan Puckey from Kanyeeezy's blog about Jonathan's project the the delaunay raster which is the image above!

Puckey has also been very successful in digitally rendering in other forms, one that particularly interests me in his form of felt tip rendering like the portrait below. Might not look like much now but take a few steps back from the computer monitor, Wizzo! Oh what do we have here? I think I see modern art!(inside joke!)

here are a few more of his pieces from a few years ago, very interesting stuff and make sure to check out his website here HOWEVER THIS COMES WITH A DISCLAIMER: THE DELAUNAY RASTER PORTION OF HIS SITE CRASHED FIREFOX THREE TIMES SO EXPLORE WITH CAUTION AND BTW ITS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!

some word art, perhaps?

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