Saturday, January 3, 2009


Me and the wife recently watched "Be Kind Rewind" a masterful film by Michel Gondry, which stars Jack Black and Mos Def. In the film the characters are forced to recreated movies when people request them. What a "fantab" idea! So we looked up some on the internet(you know it has everything, after all!!) And I would like to share with you my favorite "Sweded" versions of some films. Here we go!

"Back to the Future"
this one reimagines Doc Brown as a large black man!

"The Shining"
The twins in this are priceless! But what no Scatman Crothers??

"Karate Kid"
Plain Stupid! Plain Amazing!

"Jurassic Park"
The dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are!!!! amazing!!!!!

Have you found any good ones? Wont you email me and show me?

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